STEM MINDS eSports League

STEM Minds eSports League

eSports is quickly becoming one of the most popular career options for today’s youth. Channel your gamer’s passions in a positive team-based environment with York Region’s first-ever eSports league!

Join our eSports league and use gaming to encourage the promotion of social skills, use strategic and critical thinking to come up with plans and solutions in and out of a game, learn about managing success and failure, and more!

SEL members will also get the chance to participate in upcoming EdSports tournaments to compete for prizes, scholarships and more!


Our Esports Lab

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Interested in starting an Esports team with your students? Already have a team and are looking for some friendly competition? Contact us to join the extended STEM Esports League and get early access to tournament news, free resources, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Esports educational?

Esports is quickly becoming one of the most popular career options for today’s youth. Esports is about so much more than playing video games; just like classic sports it’s all about critical thinking, problem-solving, and maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle. By enrolling in an Esports program, students benefit from:

  • Developing problem-solving abilities through trial and error
  • Merging real-world experience with their passions
  • Building specialized knowledge and transferable skills
  • Strengthening essential 21st-century skills and work habits for present and future success

Esports can also be a valuable gateway into technology-related jobs such as robotics, graphic design, web design, and more as well as presenting exciting opportunities for those interested in business, marketing, health and wellness, and more!

What are the learning goals/curriculum?

Our Esports program is based on the three pillars of technical computer skills, psych and health, and business and communication arts.

Technical Computer Skills

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of computers and how they work
  • Build practical skills in the technology industry
  • Learn more about careers in computers and technical fields
  • Gain a deeper understanding of computer technical skills related to streaming, production, YouTube, etc.

Psych and Health

  • Understand the importance of proper nutrition for healthy lifestyles
  • Develop better habits for a healthy lifestyle including exercise and personal care
  • Foster a positive mental attitude & health
  • Engage in a healthy social environment
  • Understand toxicity in the industry and learn how to manage it
  • Understand cyberbullying and how to effectively prevent and manage it
  • Build skills in team building and communication
  • Learn more about careers in psychology and health

Business, Communication, and Arts

  • Build skills in Design Thinking
  • Learn more about careers in Business, Communication, and Arts 
  • Gain experience in branding and entrepreneurship
  • Build skills in leadership and management
  • Gain hands-on experience in Digital Media Design
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of eSports as a business and related career opportunities (game companies, managing a team, sponsors, Show casters, language, and commentating)

For more information about our philosophy on Esports and Education, check out this flyer or contact us for more information.

What kind of commitment is needed?

Our Esports program primarily runs in 10-12 week sessions. SEL members meet once a week for approximately two hours to practice together and learn about the broader Esports industry.

Each class focuses on a different area of the Esports industry, such as business, media & marketing, technology development, and health. Participants gain hands-on experience in each of these areas through guided activities by one of our coaches. Everything learned during class time then gets applied to the development of the team as a whole!

For specific session dates and times, please visit our registration page.

Will my child compete?

SEL members and teams will have the opportunity to participate in any and all EdSports tournaments throughout the year! Teams and individual players will also be exposed to local and regional events and tournaments to strengthen their practice and build their skills.

What will my child learn?

Esports is much more than just playing a game! Being a part of an Esports team can help students to discover their passion for a career in the tech industry. Students learn valuable skills like cooperation and collaboration, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, good sportsmanship, and digital citizenship that can help them in the 21st-century job market. 

Our primary goals for the program are to:

  • Teach student about Esports
  • Use gaming to encourage the promotion of social skills
  • Get students to use strategies and critical thinking to come up with plans and solutions both in and out of the game
  • Help students learn about managing success and failure
  • Have students practice time management skills in maintaining a positive, healthy lifestyle

For more information about our philosophy on Esports and Education, check out this flyer or contact us for more information.

Who can join the SEL?

Anyone ages 11 – 17 is welcome! No prior experience is needed.

What games will be explored?

We currently have four games to choose from as part of our Esports program; Rocket League, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., and Overwatch. SEL participants will collaboratively choose which game they would like to focus on with their team members at the start of each session. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore multiple games throughout the year, allowing them to apply their learnings in different game-based environments.

What are some careers in Esports?

Esports isn’t all fun and games. This booming industry is spreading around the globe and shows potential to become a pillar of the entertainment sector, bringing in over $700 billion dollars and growing every year! 

Although becoming an E-Athlete or Professional Streamer is perhaps the most well-known career choice, there are many opportunities for those with degrees in business and marketing, software development, kinesiology,  and graphic design (among many others!) making it a popular industry for youth starting their careers!